We not only prepare Individual and Business tax returns, we take pride in our clients understanding their taxes. We provide tax resolution services, including IRS audit representation, offer and compromise, back-filings, and installment agreement negotiations. In addition, we assist businesses with compliance with State entity filings, sales, use, employment, and income tax filings.


With just one swipe of the pen, the Internal Revenue Service can confiscate your property, savings, checking account and garnish your wages.

If you have an IRS problem, you need someone who knows the tax laws and taxpayers rights. eXfinancial has an assortment of IRS Solutions. You need an attorney educated in tax laws! Taking on the IRS, trying to handle tax liability by yourself is not an easy task and it is not recommended. eXfinancial has helped many people such as yourself lower their tax liability and in some cases eliminate tax bills. eXfinancial can put relief and comfort back into your life.

IRS Audit Representation. Professional representation provides the taxpayer with a knowledgeable CPA, Attorney, or Enrolled Agent that knows tax laws and can best communicate with the IRS on tax matters.

Installment Agreements. It is not uncommon to owe the IRS, desire to pay but currently not have the funds. We can speak to the IRS on your behalf to assist you in entering into a reasonable payment plan allowing you to pay your debt over time.

Offer and Compromise. Some taxpayers are eligible to reduce their tax debt if they meet certain criteria. We can help assess if this is you.

We offer a free initial tax consultation. Text us now at the number above with your name, number, and email address.


Individual and Personal Income. Everyday Uncle Sam expects to be paid his portion of your earnings; therefore every day you earn income is tax season to us. We prepare tax returns, applying the most recent tax benefits, credits, and adjustments to maximize your personal tax deductions. Our staff is comprised of experienced tax professionals who are here to serve you and answer your tax questions throughout the year and not just during "tax season".

Artist, Actress and Entertainer. Actors, singers, dancers, and other entertainers face the challenge of tracking and reporting various types of income (employee and contractor wages), income earned from various states, and unusual business expenses. The entertainment industry can be demanding and complex to the average tax preparer. We assist artist throughout the year in accounting for ALL business expenses, which makes reporting the various income sources seem simple when it is time to file taxes.

Sole-Proprietor Tax. Even if you are the only person in your Company, you are a business and not an individual, take advantage of the business deductions the IRS allows. We have learned that many Schedule C business owners have their taxes prepared by Retail or Inexperienced tax professionals, which result in inaccurate returns and missed simple business deductions. Our firm specializes in business and assists our clients in identifying appropriate tax deductions.

"C" and "S" Corporations. (Form 1120 or 1120S) Corporations are separate tax entities whether they are owned by one individual or several shareholders and require a separate tax return. The "S" Corporation has become popular in recent years due to the ability of the Shareholder to reduce employment taxes by categorizing income as distribution versus wage. These entities are also popular on the IRS audit radar for the same reason. Filing as an S-Corporation can have its advantages only if properly maintained. Using a professional who understand BUSINESS taxes will help you avoid the pitfalls many of business owners fall into that result in huge tax bills due to inaccurate tax returns.

Limited Liability Corporations and Partnerships. (Form 1065 and Schedule C for Single Member LLC's)The preparation of taxes for Partnerships and LLC's can be complex. It is important for each Partner to understand the relationship between business activities, financial reporting, and tax filing. We help our clients maintain and properly report Partner or Member activity for both book and tax purposes.

Homeowner and Condominium Associations (HOA). (Form 1120H) We specialize in preparing the informational 1120H tax return for Homeowner Associations. We also offer accounting, property management, and tax service packages at reasonable rates for self-managed HOA's.


Our staff has a wide range of experience and training in State and Federal compliance. Organizations and Businesses must comply with the laws and rules set forth by the government. We assist with Business Entity Selection, Federal and State income and employment tax filings, and State and sales use tax compliance.